Start of 2015-16 school year – welcome back!

I have been neglecting my blog for which I apologise.  There are posts relating to all the topics I am covering with my iGCSE classes at the moment.

F block boys could look at this post on cells.

E Block classes should look at the posts on photosynthesis to help with revision for your end of topic tests:

D block boys have plenty of options to read:

Please add comments to these various posts, ask questions and interact with the material on the blog.  Happy studying!


  1. Anoushka

    Could you please explain the whole of sexual reproduction in humans, sex hormones in humans,methods of birth control and STIs for the 2016 batch?

    • Paul Gillam

      I need to write a post about human reproduction and fertilisation. I think I posted a while ago about sex hormones and the menstrual cycle. Birth control and STIs are not in the syllabus I teach so you are on your own there I’m afraid……

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