About PMG

AppleTeacher_blackPMG are my initials and I am a Biology teacher in the UK.  Since September 2022 I have taken on a new role as Head of the Biology Department in a beautiful school in Warwickshire.  We have a great department and I am really enjoying this fresh challenge.  Before that I worked for almost 5 years leading the Biology department at Kimbolton School in Cambridgeshire, having left my previous school after 61 terms of work.

I read Medicine at Trinity College, Oxford in the second half of the last century but I have been a full time Biology teacher for over 30 years now.  My main professional interests at the moment are in embedding the knowledge we have from the cognitive sciences into maximising the student learning in my department and coaching rackets, football and cricket.

This is a personal blog and has no link with my current employer.  All views expressed are my own and do not in any way reflect school policy.


  1. Joe Francis

    Paul, Hi – it’s an old colleague here, Joe Francis. I hope you are well and I’m so impressed by your Blog. I would love to show you what I am doing with Brillder, the EdTech I launched last year. We have a great author for Biology, a university vet called Dr Peter Richards Rios. Our focus is more A-level / pre-tertiary. There might be some common territory. If not, it would be great to catch up anyway.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Kate

    Hi Paul, your website has helped me so much over Easter! Thank you for all the time and effort you spend on your posts – they’re always clear, well-written and better explained than my class notes. Hoping to achieve that A* in May!

  3. Lila Munor

    this blog is so useful and easy to understand as layout is much better bitesize. just wondering if you will be updating it to the new syllabus

    • Paul Gillam

      Thanks for the feedback – much appreciated. Yes I will be gradually adding new posts to update this to the new specification but not in the next week or two…. Too much going on at work I’m afraid!

    • Paul Gillam

      I am afraid I do not have copyright permissions for this image co cannot give you permission…. Almost all the images on the blog are taken from a simple Google images search and copied in. Apologies for not being more helpful. Good luck with your presentation.

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