This blog was set up to give information and advice to students in my various biology classes a few years ago. But over it’s existence it has changed markedly and has slowly turned into an open resource for candidates revising for IGCSE Biology exams.  I am almost at the point where the entire specification is covered in some way in the blog, so the best way is to use the “Search PMGBiology” function by entering a key word in the topic you are revising on the home page. Although almost all the posts relate to the EdExcel IGCSE Biology specification, you will have to forgive the occasional blog entries about rackets, real tennis, the Cobblers and my general witterings about life.  I hope you enjoy my posts and find them useful.

This is a personal blog and has no link at all with my employer.  All views expressed are mine alone and do not reflect official school policy.

A small request:

If you do find this blog useful, please leave a reply to say so.  I want the blog to be as interactive as possible, so please do ask questions, suggest good topics for future posts and leave comments/replies as appropriate.  I will do my best to respond to every comment received.


    • Paul Gillam

      No worries – I hope you and your students find it useful. I have rather neglected updating it in the past few months but as we approach Easter holidays, that is often my busiest time of year for writing posts…. Let me have any feedback to help me improve it.

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