Beware YouTube – “Sexual Reproduction in Plants Video”

This video illustrates clearly why you have to be careful using YouTube to find information for revision.  It is produced by a company in Australia and is clearly presented, includes the right level of detail for GCSE in the UK and is easy to follow. But….

The video reinforces one of the commonest areas of confusion in this topic by its choice of images to accompany the text.  In the section when the voice over is describing the role of animals in seed-dispersal, it has an image of a bee feeding on pollen in a flower.  This is NOT seed dispersal!

Later in the video when the voice over talks about wind-pollinated flowers, there is an image of the seeds of a dandelion being blown by the wind.  This is NOT pollination!

It might seem like a small point but when you have marked exam questions on this topic for 20 years and seen many students confuse these two separate processes, it starts to take on more significance.  So please watch YouTube for science videos – there are some great resources on there….  But be critical and remember, just because it is on a video, it doesn’t mean it is correct!

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