New organisation of the IGCSE Biology posts on my blog

It has become clear to me that the majority of iGCSE students reading the blog are not those I teach.  This is great to be honest and exactly what I wanted.  So it seemed unhelpful to organise the blog around the teaching groups at my school so I have had a go at re-organising it in what I hope will be a more useful way.

Categories and Tags

I have sorted all my iGCSE Biology blog posts into 5 categories that relate to how the EdExcel iGCSE Biology specification is organised.  I have also “tagged” each post with the specification points that it covers as well as the key words in the post.  I hope you all find this more helpful.

Blog posts on the way

I have plans for more blog posts to ensure a comprehensive coverage of the entire iGCSE specification.  So you should expect to be able to read soon about

  • The Characteristics of Life
  • Respiration
  • Alveoli and Gas Exchange
  • Chromosomes
  • Human Reproductive Systems

There are a few more beyond this as well…..

Please do contact me via the blog if you have requests for posts or indeed with any questions you have.  The best part of the blog is when students from all over the world contact me via the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of each post.  I try to reply to all queries as soon as I can.

Keep working hard and enjoy your Biology.


  1. yus

    Hey. I just wanted to tell you about how much this website means to me in my revision.
    I realised that Biology was actually my favourite subject once I read your deep to -the-point posts.
    I’d just like to ask:
    I still don’t understand the gas exchange in plants. I know there’s a post on it already, but could you please PLEASSE write one that can provide a foundation of my understanding of the topic?
    Oh and could you tell us more about the exam technique we could follow when solving past papers?

    • Paul Gillam

      I think I can do both those things for you. The exam technique stuff will appear through the next 6 months as we near exams in May/June. I am teaching Gas Exchange in plants in a week or two so will put something up then….. I am pleased you find the blog useful and thanks for contacting me.

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