Motivational advice for D block Biologists

Motivational advice for D block Biologists

I know some of you are working hard at the moment. How do I know? Well I can see that you are reading these blog posts, are playing the revision games on Zondle and producing good scores…..

Revision is a great example of a self-perpetuating process. The hardest thing is to get started but once you are in a routine, I hope the rhythm of revision will see you through to the end.

It is good to have an end-product to show for your work. This is why revision notes or flash cards are such a good idea. You can see them on your desk every day, you can see how they are growing or being used and this can motivate you to keep going! Have a go at working through some of the past paper questions in the booklet. Mark your answers using the provided mark schemes. Can you show evidence to yourself that you are making progress?

Revision can feel like a slog and in some ways it is….. There is no getting round that. But if you can make it fun, you are much more likely to keep going and all the effort will be worth it in the end.

You have a long summer holiday ahead of you. I can just about remember what that particular summer was like for me in 1987. (I know it’s hard to believe but I am so old I didn’t even do GCSEs but their predecessor O levels) I remember dancing to New Order, U2 releasing Joshua Tree and a lot of parties with some very special people. It will be the same for you I’m sure so work hard now so you can enjoy it with not a drop of guilt……

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