Zondle – does this help your revision?

I have posted a few games on Zondle with questions on the various topics I have written about in the past few weeks.  I don’t know if you can search for my material on Zondle but my username is PMG_Biology.  (Boys in my D division received an email with a class code so they can sign up and see all my material – thanks to the four boys who have signed up so far).  I know that two of you have played some of these games and I can see the scores you got on my tests.  The feedback I also get is which questions you have not scored well on which could be useful in giving me feedback about your learning.

If you think these revision games are useful, please can you comment below or tweet me with your thoughts?  I can easily add more material to this site, but won’t do so unless the games are proving useful.  Over to you…….

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