Moving on….

The last time I changed jobs was in July 1997 after three hectic but happy years teaching at the Perse School in Cambridge.  But with a new position to take up in January at a different school in Cambridgeshire and having now passed the 20 year mark here, I feel like I am hurtling on my final lap towards a finish line in a couple of weeks.

Things now are very different from the heady days at the end of the Millenium.  I was probably at least two stone lighter in 1997 for a start….  No Facebook, no Twitter, no Snapchat, dial up Internet but no wifi, no Sky Sports, no texting…. What did we do all day?  But the last 20 years have been an amazing experience and I feel privileged to have worked with and indeed taught so many outstanding individuals.   I have made memories in my schoolroom, on the sports pitches, at Queens Club, in Dubai and in tutorials that will last a lifetime and I know I have spent the last two decades in a very special institution and one I will continue to hold dear.

But my overriding thoughts at the moment are most certainly looking forwards, not back and I am massively excited at the thought of a fresh professional challenge in 2018.  There are lots of people I will miss terribly in the New Year but I also know there is a vibrant, friendly and supportive community at my new school and I am looking forward to running a department.  And moving back to live in Northampton full time after 25 years away does feel like coming home……  I can’t wait!!

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