Revision is best done as a social activity……

Then students I teach are at an all-boarding school.  This gives them a massive advantage in the revision period before exams because it is so easy to revise together.  Working as a group is great for motivation as you can all help each other.  It is a good idea to revise a topic or two then get together to discuss the main ideas.  Why not create a test on a particular topic you have revised and see if any of your friends want to have a go at it?  Zondle, Quizlet and Kahoot all allow you to create your own tests…..  Or you could be old-school and use a paper and pen.


This picture too has a great message for revision…. Have a go at teaching or explaining a topic to someone else.  I can think of half a dozen biology topics I never really understood until I tried to teach them to other people…  Everyone is a learner and everyone can be a teacher!

Keep working hard – it will be worth it in the end…..  But please get enough sleep.  It is the commonest mistake I encounter with Y11 students and working too late in the evening can have a seriously negative impact on your exam performance.  However tempted you are, don’t do it!

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