Zollar leaderboard for bD1.4

There are just a couple of days left for the boys of bD1:4 to accumulate “Zollars” for the star prize of a lunch at Zero 3 next week.  Just to remind you, I will buy lunch (whatever you want) for the boy in my division with the most zollars at the start of our first Biology lesson of the new term.

If you haven’t yet signed up to Zondle, please do so as my revision games should be useful.  It is free, you don’t need to add your real name (although please choose an id that I can tell who you are…..) and get playing.  Use the class code I emailed you so you can see exactly what I want you to do.  You get zollars for playing games but also for the scores you get and you can play each game as many times as you like.

Just for your information, there are 11 boys with zollars already on the board and four players with over a 1000 zollars to their name……

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