2019 EdExcel Biology IGCSE Updates

I haven’t had much time to work on my IGCSE Biology revision blog lately – life seems a bit more busy – but the summer holiday does give me time to sit in front of the computer and work on my blog.

I have been through the new specification and can see there are some “gaps” that I need to fill.  So please look out for posts on the following specification points:

  • Cell Differentiation and Stem Cells 2.5B, 2.6B
  • Balanced Diets and Energy Requirements 2.25, 2.26
  • Stomata, Leaves and Gas Exchange 2.42B, 2.43B, 2.44B
  • Transpiration and the environmental factors that affect it 2.56B, 2.57B, 2.58B
  • Nervous v Hormonal Communication comparison 2.86
  • Hormones 2.94, 2.95B
  • Hormones of the Menstrual Cycle 3.9, 3.10B, 3.13
  • DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis 3.16B, 3.17B, 3.18B
  • Determination of Sex of Offspring 3.26, 3.27
  • Fermenters and Industrial Culturing of Microorganisms 5.8

If these posts haven’t appeared by September, please contact me by leaving a comment below and give me a “nudge”!

In the meantime, happy holidays!!



  1. Cara

    Hi, I cannot find the post on statement 5.8. Can you please reply with a link if it has been created? Thank you!

  2. Ben Turner

    Hi, I love your website, thanks a lot for making it as its incredibly helpful for my revision for mock exams 🙂
    Would a post on 3.13 be ok if you have time? Thanks!

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