National Schools Rackets – quick update

Yesterday was a tough day overall for the Eton rackets team.  In spite of two good wins in the Foster Cup for Rory Giddins and Hector Hardman, we are now down to our last six competitors.

In the Jim Dear, Jamie Hardy and Louis Manson both have tough matches ahead this morning.  Both boys have a good serve and so should be able to put pressure on their opponents.  Manson is playing the Harrovian, Sodi who beat Luke Philipson yesterday and Hardy plays the number 2 seed Owen-Browne from Tonbridge.  Owen-Browne is quite a player who hits the ball hard for an U15.  These are quarter-final matches this morning and there is the possibility of semi-finals later today if either boy is victorious.

Sadly our last player in the Incledon-Webber was knocked out yesterday when Harry Thistlethwayte lost.  In the Renny we have Luke Pitman and Salil Navapurkar playing later today.

The Foster Cup first round yesterday was a mixed bag really.  We started with Hector Hardman who played very well to see off Jordache in just three games.  Hector can straighten the ball well on both sides, hits it often to a good length and so even though his serve never really clicked yesterday, it was excellent to win 3-0.  This should give him confidence for today when he plays Nico Hughes (St Pauls) in the quarterfinal.  Rory Giddins was too strong yesterday for his opponent from Malvern – I hope his interviews today at Cambridge go as well!  Tom Loup was beaten by the Harrovian, Rath (many Eton boys will remember his century at Lords last summer…)

George Nixon was really unfortunate yesterday and I felt for him.  He has picked up a nasty cold and so was coughing and spluttering in the car on the way up.  He probably had three games of play in him but unfortunately after playing well to take a 2-0 lead, his energy levels started to drop and mistakes crept in.  His opponent Cawston has proved a dangerous competitor in the past, and he looked more confident as the match went on.  Cawston is a good player when he just plays conventional rackets and his serve looked more potent in every game.  George just ran out of energy yesterday so in spite of his best efforts he wasn’t able to get back into the match once the third game had slipped by.  He has improved massively this term and it was a shame he wasn’t able to show it yesterday.  But he will in the Doubles next half…..


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